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见未真,勿轻言知未的,勿轻传See the truth, don’t speak lightly. Don’t pass on what you don’t know.人不闲,勿事搅人不安,勿话扰Do not stir things when you are not idle. If you are upset, don’t bother.

父母教,须敬听父母责,须顺承Parents teach, must listen to respect. Parental responsibility, must follow.冠必正,纽必结袜与履,俱紧切。

The crown must be right and the knot must be knotted. Socks and shoes, both tightened.读书法,有三到心眼口,信皆要Reading method, there are three to. Heart, eye, mouth, believe all.

人有短,切莫揭人有私,切莫说People have short, do not reveal. People have private, do not say.凡是人,皆须爱天同覆,地同载All people must be loved. The sky is the same, the earth is the same.。

同是人,类不同流俗众,仁者希Same people, different kinds. Common people many, benevolent person short.衣贵洁,不貴华上循分,下称家。

Your clothes are clean, not expensive. On the points, under the home.年方少,勿饮酒饮酒醉,最为丑Don’t drink when you are young. Drunkenness is the ugliest.。

冬则温,夏则清晨则省,昏则定Winter is warm, summer is clear. Morning is sober, evening is decided.己有能,勿自私人所能,勿轻訾If you can, don’t be selfish. People can, not jealous.

无心非,名为错有心非,名为恶No, the name is wrong. If you have a wrong mind, it is called evil.勿自暴,勿自弃圣与贤,可驯致Don’t be violent, don’t abandon yourself. Sages can be tamed.。

话说多,不如少惟其是,勿佞巧Less is better than more. But let not I be clever.奸巧语,秽污词市井气,切戒之Foul language, foul words. Market gas, must be cut.。

彼说长,此说短不关己,莫闲管One says long, the other short. Don’t care, don’t idle.用人物,须明求倘不问,即为偷With characters, must be clear. If you don’t ask, you steal.。

扬人恶,即是恶疾之甚,祸且作It is evil to raise evil in others. The disease is very serious, the disaster is repeated.。

称尊长,勿呼名对尊长,勿见能Don’t call elders by name. Don’t see power to your elders.见人善,即思齐纵去远,以渐跻See good people, then think of them. To go far, to near by.。

财物轻,怨何生言语忍,忿自泯Property is light, why complain. Words endure, fury min.心有疑,随札记就人问,求确义In doubt, follow the notes. Ask, and seek righteousness.。

父母呼,应勿缓父母命,行勿懒Parents call, should not slow. Parents life, do not lazy.对饮食,勿拣择食适可,勿过则Don’t be choosy about what you eat. Eat well, not too much.。

不力行,但学文长浮华,成何人Not good at doing, but good at writing. Long flashy, into who.见人恶,即内省有则改,无加警See evil, that is, introspection. Will be changed, no alarm.。

武则天证明:成功和男女没关系; 姜子牙证明:成功和年龄没关系; 朱元璋证明:成功和出身没关系; 邓小平证明:成功和身高没关系; 马云证明: 成功和长相没关系; 李嘉诚证明:成功和文凭没关系; 比尔盖茨证明:成功和学历没关系;事实证明:你不努力一切都跟你没关系。

凡出言,信为先诈与妄,奚可焉?If you speak, believe first. Fraud and false, how can I?事非宜,勿轻诺苟轻诺,进退错Don’t make promises when things are inappropriate. If he promises, he makes a mistake.。

凡道字,重且舒勿急疾,勿模糊Where the word, heavy and comfortable. Don’t rush, don’t blur.出必告,反必面居有常,业无变Out will tell, anti will face. Where there is residence, there is no change in business.。

行高者,名自高人所重,非貌高Line high, name will be high. It is not beauty that counts.果仁者,人多畏言不诈,色不媚Benevolent, people will afraid him. Outspoken, Color is not flattering.。

能亲仁,无限好德日进,过日少Can be benevolence, infinite good. The virtue day by day more, the wrong day by day short.。

步从容,立端正揖深圆,拜恭敬Step calmly and stand upright. Bowing deep circle, worship.借人物,及时还后有急,借不难When you borrow something, have to return quickly. After be urgency, borrow is not difficult.。

亲爱我,孝何难亲憎我,孝方贤Kinsfolk love me, filial piety is not difficult. Kinsfolk hate me, filial piety will be worthy.。

物虽小,勿私藏苟私藏,亲心伤Small as things are, keep them not. If you hide something, it hurts the heart.亲所好,力为具亲所恶,谨为去。

Kinsfolk love this, force for a. Kinsfolk hate that, be careful go.尊长前,声要低低不闻,却非宜Before your elders, keep your voice low. Low do not hear, but not appropriate.。

不亲仁,无限害小人进,百事坏Do not benevolence, unlimited harm. Villain into, hundred of things will be bad.过能改,归于无。

倘掩饰,增一辜Mistake can change, to nothing. If cover up, a punk.晨必盥,兼漱口便溺回,辄净手In the morning one must wash the face, plus rinse the mouth. Then go to toilet and clean the hand.。

将入门,问孰存将上堂,声必扬Will enter the door, ask who exist. Will be in central room, voice must shout.事诸父,如事父事诸兄,如事兄。

Serve the fathers, as father. Serve the brothers, as brother.置冠服,有定位勿乱顿,致污秽Crown suit, positioning. Don’t mess up, cause pollution.。

或饮食,或坐走,长者先,幼者后Or eat, or sit away, the old first, the young last.长呼人,即代叫人不在,己即到When call the person, namely call. If he is not there, I will be there.。

长者立,幼勿坐长者坐,命乃坐The old stand, the young do not sit. The old sit, then the young can sit.身有伤,贻亲忧德有伤,贻亲羞。

A wound brings kinsfolk sorrow. If virtue have wound, brings kinsfolk shame.事虽小,勿擅为苟擅为,子道亏Do not act on small things. If you do, could be loses.。

人问谁,对以名吾与我,不分明People ask who, to the name. Me and me, not clear.丧尽礼,祭尽诚事死者,如事生Lose the ceremony, sacrifice do sincere. For the dead, as for the living.。

亲有疾,药先尝昼夜侍,不离床Kinsfolk has disease, medicine first taste. Day and night, not left from the bed.丧三年,常悲咽。

居处变,酒肉绝Three years of mourning, often sad. Change of location, wine and meat never eat.